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ITM Foreign Trade was established in Ankara Turkey since October 1990 and founded by Mr Mahmut Altinoklu. The company's particular interest was to offer personalized services to all levels of public security sectors and government institutions. In 2003, ITM Security Systems and Communication Ltd. have been founded and aimed to find solutions for security problems, with leading edge technology products.

Today, after 18 successful years of domestic and foreign sales, ITM GROUP has been specialized and earned a high reputation within the specially-selected markets, in terms of sale and marketing of goods produced through high-tech. ITM GROUP offers renowned and unique high performance products and various logistic software applications of the companies, over than 40, which it represents worldwide, provides its clientele with a wide frame of services including installation, support and service as well as solutions applicable to every kind of problems.

ITM GROUP today, proudly announces its leadership in supplying forensic identification equipment related to military, security and safety organizations. As a result, ITM GROUP established a large network of Agents in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazaghstan, Tagikistan, Kyrgyztan and the Middle East, who are in direct contact with ITM GROUP, in order to facilitate the process of international selling, distribution, installation and servicing.



ITM GROUP's mission is to become the leader company in supplying high-tech, logistic software applications, improved security equipment for State Institutions and other security companies, expanding into Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. In order to attain and maintain this objective, ITM GROUP updates its products and expands its distributor portfolio, by following the most recent technological developments.

Our representatives and distributors are self-confident about that ITM GROUP is fully capable of meeting the expectations within today's lucrative market, thanks to the products it has chosen so far. Thus, assuringly, ITM GROUP will execute its commitments to continue having the worldwide recognition.



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